My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

Publicēšanas datums 10 okt 2020
My Gif is the best Beach
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  • Ayy James I just wanted to say I love your videos

  • Bark More like barf

  • hay jam`s there is a youtuber i think you shoode join him the youtubers name is brisan and the chanalle name is Haminations

  • Your funny

  • So... James converted to by accident?

  • Sure it's not the 🐘

  • 2:10 _iS tHaT tHe PaN fLaG_

  • James with the way you draw the floofs you’re not helping people thinking your a furry

  • Days and Nights aren’t even “things”. They are an expression of how the earth turns on its axis. That’s all. But people 2000 years ago didn’t know this. That’s why it is described that way in the bible. If god wanted to go for accuracy, why didn’t he explain that the sun was actually a star? Why didn’t he explain the earth and the planets and how the revolution of the earth is what determined night and day? We get nothing from God. Nothing from the Bible, that explains anything more than what they already thought to be true 2000 years ago. If there actually was a God, imagine the things he could have told us about the world around us. About gravity, and germs, and things smaller than the eye can see, about the reason for earthquakes, volcanos and hurricanes. But he didn’t. Because he doesn’t exist. And before you start saying that the Bible wasn’t “about” these types of things - that it’s more of an Instruction on morality and how to live - God couldn’t even set the precedent that slavery was wrong. Even Jesus said, “slaves obey your masters”. So the Bible is not a reliable source of morality, either. Because it was written by men. The same men who created this God in their image. Because that was their way of making sense of the world back then. We’ve moved on. We no longer believe that a god or gods are responsible for night and day. We no longer believe in a ridiculous boat carrying all the world’s species during a great flood. We no longer believe that a man can survive in the belly of a whale. We no longer believe that it’s a good idea to sacrifice one person for the misdeeds of another. God only exists as an abstract concept within our gaps of knowledge, blinking out of existence every time one of those gaps are filled.

  • James you made the girl drive to the beach...what the hell man

  • U tell em James it’s not jaiden it never was and it never will be

  • Petition for Floof 2 to be added in Cafe Chaos

  • Brasileiro da like e fala abacaxi

  • Who is gif

  • James graduated from simp to having a girlfriend

  • We got permission to ship mazz and james jksdgf!!!!!

  • Everyone else: where is the odd1sout he hasn’t uploaded in sooo long Me:....... he’s been at a furry convention in Minecraft.......

  • uhhhhhhhhhh

  • Is it Adam?


  • Can you make a plush with a face mask?

  • James x elephant

  • 2:20 6:24 7:11

  • "I just ate some veggie mite" James would not say that I think Maaz is sus.

  • Your fluff and fluff 2 are just like my dogs just fluff 2 doesn’t barf😂

  • I feel you on a nother level this hapend to me

  • Hey can u do a vid on quarantine thoughts?

  • 2:21 kool singing totally no autotune

  • Odds1out: it’s not jaiden Fan art painters: I’m sorry is this a invite too draw more ships?

  • @6:47 auto tune was still on

  • James : And m’y girlfriend is not jaiden and never was jaiden Jaiden and James shippers : Never gonna stop shipping you up

  • im suprised about the bleeps

  • Sick 🥂 happy for you man

  • Bruh I hate fnaf ships

  • Loved the episode but anyone else feel like this was super off brand?

  • James: it was not elephant either- Me: IMMPOSSIBLE!

  • Me: ofc I didn’t ship you and jaiden, that’s wrong. Also me: *pushes my jaiden doll a little bit closer to my Dave doll*

  • My guess who his gif is: Pricilla (person in James’s class)

  • 16 million subs lets gooo

  • HEY! I noticed that you have 111 videos...

  • James: no it's not Jaden and it never will be Jaden me: that is so rude no joke I love that girl and you're just reading her heart oh my goodness that's so rude I can't believe you right now that's so rude like oh my gosh I hate that you're just heartbreaks or what is she actually secretly like you who knows don't come up the paper when you said that they're so real it's on my gosh

  • Someone has a cash

  • After the Autotune, I can't un-hear it lmao

  • Русские тут?

  • People who thought Jaiden was James girlfriend: break up pls and be together with Jaiden

  • Just found yur channel and.... Who tf been asking about a cartoon dude about having a gf? 😂👍

  • Whooo james whooooo

  • James: It Wasn't Jaiden And it never was Me: 07:10

  • Bowser x Clifford lol

  • Odd1sout:stop shipping Every fan fiction fan ever: IMPOSSIBLE

  • 2:08 any1 else see a rainbow and pansexual flag on the cooler? ;))

  • How romantic...

  • Im so happy for you😁

  • *w* *u* *t*

  • FAM did you see his face when he crunched up the paper with jaiden on it lol 0:46

  • Remember the reacting to old art video James made wat if the girl he tried to impress is his is girlfriend?

  • I honestly hope that floof 2 it’s okay I hate vomiting and it has to be 10 times worse for a dog

  • r u into da gang dough

  • Happy for you! Don't care what other think.

  • James show his gif to jaiden jaiden sad jaiden noises


  • Well guess who remembered their LVcd password

  • I just noticed that his mouth doesn’t move when he speaks

  • Hi I’m a big fannnnn

  • Cmon bro, in Australia you gotta legit use 60 spf or else. And yes they're called thongs not flip-flops

  • Does he mean life's a BI-

  • James and his gf: oh no the puke is all over us Floof: are we there yet?

  • I don't like floofs voice really

  • who remembers poppy and georgie?

  • Guess What James? I brought the sequel of your book! :D

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • I See he bought a nintendo switch What We don't know about Theodd1sout's life?

  • James: it’s not jayden Me : impossible

  • Don't be so sad. My dog pukes 6 TIMES IN 1 HOUR AND 30 MINS!!

  • so that's how GIF is pronounced

  • I like how you were continuously alternating your pronunciation of "GIF" so as to not piss anyone off... or maybe to piss off as many people as possible, I don't know.

  • You Will End Up Jaidens Boyfriend

  • What happn to your voise

  • Hey James I want you to tell this to subway its a promo code 15667 I want you to know because I'm your fan and to other fan to idk if this is still available promo I just saw this on Tiktok 😂

  • I bought both the odd1sout books


  • 😔Я не знаю что он говорит 😭

  • 2:08 noticed there are 2 lgbtq+ flags on that container your holding

  • Fluffy scott

  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • i like to think james actual girlfriend is Dr.Seus

  • There is a neopets game have you played it

  • James: *has GF* Me: *???*

  • wOw yoU Got a giRl fRieNd

  • Floof when she sees the sign "I am inevitable" James " and i am iron man *Snap* (puts floof's A** in the car")

  • I like single james sorry james if ur reading this

  • im not gunna lie but i was waiting for a new odd 1s out video and then BOOM and now i know why james was busy and not making a video he was doin stuff with his GIF (to those dirty ppl he wasnt doin u know what ................ welll i hope not)

  • 3:56 oh god he be dressing up agai- well not technically dressing up as a girl

  • Aiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • to all the Jaiden and James shippers out there: please stop and don't ship REAL PEOPLE! shipping is for MADE UP CHARACTERS! Last time I checked, James and Jaiden arent made up characters!!!!

  • the elephant: he still calls me the elephant, wow

  • GIF : GIrl Friend

  • Am not suscribe any more Why not jaden whyyyyyy

  • Comments: 70% of people talking about jaiden and the elaphant 20% of people trying to find out who james gif is 9% of other youtubers 1% this comment

    • yep liked my own comment

  • jk